What people say about Catriona and Stirling Languages…

"Everyone had a special task. I myself had to do some research about famous Scottish engineers and inventors I gathered all information and presented it to the class. In the evenings we could apply what we had just learned by comunicating with people in the pub.We talked a lot to other guests who were invited to our party. So we could improve our social English. This language course exceeded all my expectations."

G.S., Engineer, Germany

"There’s nothing run of the mill about Catriona’s teaching style. She doesn’t pontificate-you think you’re just having a conversation with her then afterwards you realise that you’ve been learning all the time." (Translated)

D.H., D.L.H, Software developers, Germany

"The language holiday was well organised and varied. We were put up in stylish houses and felt very much at home. We learnt about famous Scots in an informal way and visited some fascinating places. We were able to practice the English we had learnt in an authentic setting. We want to return!" (Translated)

D.B., (retired), Germany

"My English pronunciation has improved quite considerably and I am much more self confident speaking now." (Translated)

E.B., University teacher, Germany

"The professional organisation of the course content as well as sensitivity to the individual participant’s needs were what characterised her teaching. The course was a success in every respect." (Translated)

B.K., Engineer, Germany

"After a generous Scottish breakfast, we had a little introduction to the history and culture of Scotland, then went on a tour to get our first impressions of the village. There was a good variety in our itinerary. Culture in the capital city, a boat trip, a whisky distillery and a Scottish party at the end-with our own bagpiper! It has whetted my appetite for more."

T.S., Project Manager, Germany

"For all who want to get to know Scotland and its people, I recommend this trip highly. The accommodation was very good, the tripwas well organised.The cities, the castles, the superb landscape of the coast-all this we saw. It was a great adventure."

C.B., I.T.Specialist, Germany

"Dass ich zum wiederholten Male Deinen Kurs besuche, sagt eigentlich schon alles. Es gelingt Dir immer wieder, die Teilnehmer unter einen Hut zu bringen, und somit eine Gruppe zu formen. Ich freue mich auf den nächsten Termin."

W.S., Human Resources, Germany

"Der Unterricht durch einen “native speaker” war für mich besonders wertvoll und hat mir personlich in meiner täglichen Arbeit sehr viel gebracht. Wir waren mit den Kurs rundum zufrieden: lehrreich, konzentriert, und nie langweilig!"

R.K., Software Integrator, Switzerland.

"…eine Englischlehrerin mit Herz und Seele."

A.J., Secretary, Czech Republic

"Le cours d’anglais langue du monde des affaires était mené de façon exigeante par Mme Dunçan. La communication avec nos clients anglophones en est devenue bien plus facile. (Translated)

P.W., Business Unit Manager, Germany

"Le cours était tres stimulant non seulement par sa pertinence professionelle mais aussi par la discussion des thèmes d’actualité que Mme. Duncan travaillait avec beaucoup d’engagement." (Translated)

S.S., Administrator, Germany

"Ses connaissances linguistiques et culturelles, son savoir et sa façon de tout communiquer, sont tout simplement exceptionnels." (Trans.)

G.K., Training Instructor, Germany

"We really got a lot from your seminar. The evening with your friends was especially helpful and interesting for me. The way you run these courses, they are good value for money. I’d love to come again." (Translated)


"People who are interested in learning English in Scotland and who would like to know a bit about Scottish culture und life should go there. We can wholeheartedly recommend your course. You prepared a lot of information and teaching material about your country and its lovely people. We learnt to understand important things of the Scottish history and culture as well as the way of life We’ ll never forget our satisfaction with your delicious and various Scottish meals – Haggis and whisky included of course. And we appreciated that you arranged such a great goodbye party with ten Scottish friends."